Stage Strap Kit Hogarthian Tank

Stage Strap Kit Hogarthian Tank


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Dive Rite's Hogarthian Stage Strap is a product of the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Appealing to the minimalist diver, this economical kit includes everything needed to properly setup a streamlined stage or deco bottle. The strap consists of braided nylon line with a black rubber fuel hose cover for abrasion protection. At each end of the strap a medium bolt snap is used for clipping the tank off to the diver’s harness. A stainless steel clamp sheathed in tubular nylon webbing secures the bottom of the strap to the tank.  A premium Dive Rite EPDM hose retainer is included to keep hoses managed while not in use.

The Hogarthian Stage Strap Kit is available in two sizes for cylinders measuring approximately 5.25 inches (14 cm) for 40cuf tanks (GM2053-5) or 7.25 inches (18 cm) for 80cuf tanks (GM2053-7) in diameter.

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