Delrin Scalloped Thumbwheels - 5/16-18 (SET)

Delrin Scalloped Thumbwheels - 5/16-18 (SET)


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Dive Rite’s Scalloped Thumbwheels are a superior alternative to using standard wing nuts for securing a backplate to a set of doubles, a rebreather, or a single tank adapter. CNC machined from solid Delrin rod, these thumbwheels are incredibly strong and fast and easy to install. The threaded hole is counterbored to speed installation and greatly reduce the possibility of crossthreading. Simply drop into place and give them a quick spin. The tri-scalloped design makes tightening a breeze and is easy to grip, even with cold, wet hands.

Unlike metal wing nuts, you do not have to worry about these thumbwheels seizing—even if the male threads are less than perfect. The wide base completely eliminates the need for washers and eliminates any wear from metal-to-metal contact. The flat top is comfortable against the back and easy on exposure suits.

These thumbwheels are threaded 5/16-18 and fit most standard bolt kits. They are 100% designed and produced in the USA.

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