Adaptor - Second Stage-High Flow Angle

Adaptor - Second Stage-High Flow Angle


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Our High Flow Angle Adapter attaches between the regulator second stage and its low pressure hose, routing the hose down the diver's chest and/or under the arm. This increases comfort and streamlining. This low-profile adapter is not an omni-directional swivel and so it maintains its angle and will not allow the regulator to flop around. Placed on a 40-inch primary regulator hose in a single-tank regulator configuration, the High Flow Angled Adapter allows the hose to route down under the arm and up to the mouth, getting rid of the large hose "arc" that protrudes from the tank around the diver and hence, can become easily snagged. Sidemount divers use the Right Angle Adapter to route their hoses down chest to the bottles eliminating the need to route the hose around the neck

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