BCD and Harness

BCD and Harness
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Backplate XT

Dive Rite's stainless steel XT backplate is one of the few backplates that is made in the USA. All D..

$ 153 USD
Ex Tax: $ 153 USD

Backplate XT Lite

The next generation of lightweight backplates has arrived. Dive Rite has taken the reliability of th..

$ 112 USD
Ex Tax: $ 112 USD

Basic Harness for Backplate

For those who prefer a streamlined rig without buckles, chest strap or padding, the Basic Harness is..

$ 43 USD
Ex Tax: $ 43 USD

Blackplate Single Tank Adapter (STA)

Our STA has been re-sized to fit squarely in the opening of our Travel and Voyager series wings. For..

$ 41 USD
Ex Tax: $ 41 USD

Buttplate- For Deco/Stage

When sidemounting stage tanks or rebreather bailout bottles, buttplate rails can be difficult to acc..

$ 75 USD
Ex Tax: $ 75 USD

CamStrap 2" Roller Buckle

Dive Rite cam straps are available in several options. No matter what the application is, Dive Rite ..

$ 39 USD
Ex Tax: $ 39 USD

Classic XT Wing

The Classic XT Wing (model BC 5400) is the workhorse of our series of wings. With a history dating b..

$ 397 USD
Ex Tax: $ 397 USD

Crotch Strap 2"

Preferred by divers who use scooters (DPVs) for extended periods of time due to the added comfort th..

$ 20 USD
Ex Tax: $ 20 USD

Deluxe Harness with Quick Release

A webbing harness designed for hard backplates that provides comfort and streamlining. Swivel points..

$ 65 USD
Ex Tax: $ 65 USD

Harness Shoulder PAD SET - For 2" WEB

Protect your exposure suit and pad your shoulders with our basic webbing harness shoulder pads. Neop..

$ 17 USD
Ex Tax: $ 17 USD

Rec EXP Wing

A hybrid wing, the Rec Series can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of our most popula..

$ 326 USD
Ex Tax: $ 326 USD

Rec XT Wing

A hybrid wing, the Rec Series can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of our most popula..

$ 387 USD
Ex Tax: $ 387 USD

TransPac XT Harness

MAXIMUM ADJUSTABILITYShoulder straps and waist strap: Easily adjustable in length to allow for divin..

$ 336 USD
Ex Tax: $ 336 USD

Transplate XT Harness

A hybrid harness designed for divers who want the support of a backpack-style harness for better wei..

$ 128 USD
Ex Tax: $ 128 USD

Travel EXP Wing

A lightweight wing designed for single-tank, warm water diving, our Travel series of wings are small..

$ 285 USD
Ex Tax: $ 285 USD