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Slate Executive w/Pencil - 6 Pages

Our Executive Slate has six, compact erasable slates held together by a stainless steel ring. A cord..

$264.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $264.00 MXN

Stainless Assembly Screws

The stainless steel assembly screws are used for attaching various accessories to a TransPac harness..

$478.50 MXN
Ex Tax: $478.50 MXN

Surface Marker Tube – Hybrid

Rebreather divers and open circuit divers alike will appreciate our hybrid Surface Marker Tube. An o..

$3,498.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $3,498.00 MXN

Transpac Stabilizer Plates for Doubles

The stainless steel TransPac Stabilizing Plates firmly secure a TransPac to any set of double tanks ..

$462.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $462.00 MXN

Video Diffuser - BX LIGHT

Turn your BX2 Handheld Light into the perfect video light. Easy pop on diffuser allows for even fill..

$825.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $825.00 MXN

Video Diffuser For Primary Lights

Using  your corded or handheld primary light for underwater video? If so, then you’ll want..

$825.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $825.00 MXN

Wrist Slate

The Wrist Slate offers three, separate writing surfaces via three leaves that flip up for easy acces..

$346.50 MXN
Ex Tax: $346.50 MXN