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Stainless Assembly Screws

The stainless steel assembly screws are used for attaching various accessories to a TransPac harness..

$412.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $412.00 MXN


Oil-filled for precision operation to depths of 260-feet (80m), the Dive Rite Compass can be worn on..

$1,336.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $1,336.00 MXN

Delrin Scalloped Thumbwheels - 5/16-18 (SET)

Dive Rite’s Scalloped Thumbwheels are a superior alternative to using standard wing nuts for securin..

$315.00 MXN
Ex Tax: $315.00 MXN

Deluxe Hose Retainers

Keep regulator hoses lying flat and avoid kinking with our Deluxe Hose Retainers. Our wide, 4-inch (..

$440.00 MXN
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Dive Writes Notebook w/Cover

The Dive wRites Notebook combines our 28 waterproof page notebook and graphite pencil with our balli..

$1,123.00 MXN
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Handmount - Soft - Quick Release Mount - DR

Fits like a glove, even with gloves. Adjustable to fit nearly any size hand, this handmount fits com..

$2,440.00 MXN
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Divers have long used helmets as place to mount spare lights and for bump protection in tight places..

$2,009.00 MXN
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Hose Clip Retainer Snap & Holder

If you don’t have the time or patience for tying knots then, the Hose Clip Retainer is the solution...

$61.00 MXN
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Hose Retainer - EPDM - Rubber 1" - Small - Large

The Dive Rite EPDM Hose Retainers are a must have for any stage, deco, or sidemount bottle rigging. ..

$199.00 MXN
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Lift Bag Pocket

Most dives require the need for carrying the lift bag. These need must be easily accessible and prop..

$799.00 MXN
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Line Arrow

Dry cavers were using directional markers long before there were any cave divers. The early cave div..

$25.00 MXN
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Line Cookie

Sometimes a directional marker (line arrow) is not the proper marker to leave -- Non-directional coo..

$37.00 MXN
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Line Cutter

The Dive Rite Line Cutter is the cutting tool that every diver should carry. Sharper than a standard..

$699.00 MXN
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Necklace Regulator Tech

Dive Rite's regulator necklace takes a new twist on a tool that technical divers have used for years..

$212.00 MXN
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QRM - Universal Lights - Complete

The Quick Release Mount System(QRM) is a mount system designed to quickly mount your light to a hand..

$1,684.00 MXN
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