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Deluxe Hose Retainers

Keep regulator hoses lying flat and avoid kinking with our Deluxe Hose Retainers. Our wide, 4-inch (..

$ 14 USD
Ex Tax: $ 14 USD

Double Tank Bands 80cf

Dive Rite Tank Bands are tungsten inert gas welded (TIG) and have beveled edges that minimize scratc..

$ 167 USD
Ex Tax: $ 167 USD

Manifold 200 Bar

Dive Rite's 200 bar manifold uses two barrel o-rings to seal either end of the cross-bar, which prov..

$ 244 USD
Ex Tax: $ 244 USD

Modular Valve DIN 200

LEFT HAND MODULAR VALVEDive Rite valves are chrome-plated brass for rugged protection and durability..

$ 81 USD
Ex Tax: $ 81 USD

Valve - H - Adaptador - Left and Right DIN Only

The H adapter evolved from the Y valve. Originally produced by Sherwood in the 80's, the dual outlet..

$ 77 USD
Ex Tax: $ 77 USD